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GlucoMenu Great Tasting Menu Plans for Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes
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GlucoMenu has easy to follow menu plans for Type 1, Type 2, & Pre-Diabetes
Christine Carlson, MS, RD, BC-ADM, CDE - Nutrition Director

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Today's Article:  Exercise & Diabetes
Regular exercise can be very helpful to those who have diabetes.  Those with type 2 diabetes often see improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity from exercise.  Pre-Diabetes exercise can help to prevent or delay onset of type 2 diabetes.

Yesterday's Article:  Alcohol & Diabetes
Having diabetes does not mean you have to give up alcohol, so long as your alcohol consumption is in moderation.  Moderation in alcohol terms equates to having 1 or less alcoholic beverage each day if you are a woman and 2 or less alcoholic beverages each day if you are a man.

This week's recipes!

Diabetic Food Guide (2004 Edition)

Newsletter, Tip of the Week!
This week our newsletter covers: limiting calories, cholesterol, diabetes sick days, pre-diabetes exercise, and a terrific Mushroom Omelet!

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GlucoMenu provides complete diabetic menus for diabetes and pre-diabetes menus for pre-diabetics (impaired glucose tolerance).  The diabetic menus and pre-diabetes menus programs include weekly menus with recipes, grocery lists, and nutrition facts.  Members login weekly to access their calorie specific diabetic meal plans.

Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes care is specific and all of the information on the GlucoMenu website may not apply to you.  Our diabetic menus & pre-diabetes menus and other diabetes information is not intended to replace professional medical advice.  Always check with your physician prior to starting a new diet or exercise program.