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GLUCOMENU® Terms of Use:

Not intended to replace professional medical advice:
Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes are progressive disorders.  The information on this web site is general in nature and not in any way intended to replace professional healthcare or medical advice.  GlucoMenu® is not a healthcare professional and is not intended to replace a Registered Dietitian or any other healthcare professional.  Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes care is specific and you should consult your doctor, diabetes educator, and dietitian before starting a new diet or exercise plan.

Not intended for pregnant or lactating individuals:
The information on this web site including the Menu Program is not intended for pregnant or lactating individuals. 

Not intended for persons under the age of 21:
The information on this web site including the Menu Program is not intended for individuals under the age of 21.  If you are caring for a child with diabetes you should seek help from a healthcare provider who can make a critical analysis of the specific situation.

Does not address specific medical conditions:
Our menus do not consider dietary needs specific to your health issues or medications taken.  Look to your physician for guidance regarding your specific health concerns and share our program with your physician for modifications.

Licensed for individual use only:
Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, GlucoMenu® is licensed to individuals only, for their sole personal use, under the supervision of their healthcare professionals.  Single use license means that the product is not meant for groups, group homes, senior centers, hospitals or practitioner handouts.  No part of this web site may be reproduced, duplicated, or shared without express written consent from GlucoMenu®

Group licensing inquiries:
Group licensing is available.  Use the Contact Us link on the website or call toll free 1-877-990-3926 to inquire.

Weight Loss:
GlucoMenu® has multiple calorie levels and therefore can support weight loss if desired.  The standard recommendation for healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week (NIDDK).  GlucoMenu® does not select your calorie level.  Ask your healthcare professional for assistance in choosing a calorie level that is right for you.

Membership information is confidential:
GlucoMenu® does not sell e-mail addresses or any other information.  In addition we do not send unsolicited e-mail messages.

Information on this web site may not be reproduced without express written consent:
GlucoMenu® and all information on this web site is our property and may not be copied, printed, reproduced, or saved in any form without our express written consent.

GlucoMenu® is a Registered Trademark in the United States and Canada.  Any logos, graphics, or other marks on this website are the exclusive property of Nutrition Click® Corporation and may not be used in any form without express written consent.

Waiver, release & limitation of liability:
You agree to use GlucoMenu® at your own risk while in direct contact with a doctor, certified diabetes educator, or registered dietitian.  You understand diabetes and pre-diabetes care is specific and all information on this site may not apply to you.  Further, you agree that neither GlucoMenu® nor its owners, officers, and employees shall have any liability to you under any theory of liability or indemnity with your use of GlucoMenu®.  You hereby release and forever waive claims you may have against GlucoMenu®, its owners, officers, and employees for losses or damages encountered in connection with GlucoMenu®.  Void where prohibited by law. 

By using GlucoMenu® you agree to all of the above terms and conditions and will contact us with any concerns immediately.  We reserve the right to decline or discontinue any membership at our discretion.

Contacting us:
The most effective way to contact us is by using the Contact Us link on the left hand side of the web site.  GlucoMenu® Members are encouraged to e-mail support for immediate assistance.

GlucoMenu® is owned by Nutrition Click®

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