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The information posted below is in no way intended to replace professional medical advice.  Diabetes care is specific and the information below may not apply to you.  People posting to this list likely have diabetes, but probably do not have a medical background.  Always speak with your healthcare team prior to making any changes regarding diabetes treatment.


From: Lee
To: Support-Group
Subject: [No Subject]

I am having trouble with eating in general! I guess I am in somewhat of denial. When I was first diagnosed with Diabetes type two, I lost weight and kept my blood sugar in check. Now I eat sweets and anything else I want. I do still work out three to five times a week. HELP!!!!



From: Anita
To: Support-Group
Subject: Hang In there, Lee!

Dear Lee,

I can totally relate to the denial issue! I have had type II diabetes for the past 4 years and at 1st I went through the whole weight loss exercise thing. Now it seems like I am in the angry/denial phase. I recently had to go from the oral medication and Lantus 1x a day to oral medication, Lantus 1x a day and shots before every meal. I have been off work for 3 weeks now trying to adjust to blood sugars near or above 300 and constant fatigue. I returned to work for a day and a half only to have them rise again. I am tired all of the time and it seems that the more I try and watch my diet, the higher my sugars seem to climb and the tireder I get. I have three teenage daughters who are constantly on the go, and add that along with trying to be a working, single mom with high blood sugars and it is a catastrophe. I know what I need to do as far as the diet and exercise goes but have no energy to do it.



From: Cindy
To: Support-Group
Subject: Re: GlucoMenu Support-Group

Lee, It has been over a year for me being diagnosed and I am still in denial. I keep telling myself that as long as I get all this weight off, it will all go away. I guess I need help too. haha



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