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The information posted below is in no way intended to replace professional medical advice.  Diabetes care is specific and the information below may not apply to you.  People posting to this list likely have diabetes, but probably do not have a medical background.  Always speak with your healthcare team prior to making any changes regarding diabetes treatment.


In this issue:
1. Diabetic Rebellion
2. Pardon my French
3. In denial...


From: Karen
To: Support-Group
Subject: Diabetic Rebellion

I was diagnosed with Diabetes about 2 years ago and have only had my glucose levels at a “good” status for a few weeks out of the past 2 years. When I found out I was diabetic I was angry, and somewhat in denial that this could be happening to me. Didn’t I already have enough health issues? Anyway; I suppose I am still in denial to some degree. If I don’t check my glucose level then it somewhat doesn’t exist and I eat as I please. But in reality I know I need to exercise, lose weight and eat healthier. So why then do I keep rebelling against getting better? Does anyone else deal with their diabetes this way?



From: Cindy
To: Support-Group
Subject: Pardon my French

There are some days that this whole thing makes me not want to get up and start my day for fear of making bad choices. In reality, I've lost my mother to diabetes, and if I don't stop misbehaving, so to speak, I'm sure diabetes will get me too. When I smoked, I justified every cigarette even though there was no research saying it was ever okay to smoke. I finally quit four years ago and now I'm the worst ex-smoker on the planet. I'm judgemental toward folks that still smoke, including my own children - wouldn't you think that having seen the effects of diabetes that I would just make a meal plan, stick to it and behave?

Pardon my French, but I need a good ass-kicking and often. I love this list!


From: Jean
To: Support-Group
Subject: RE: GlucoMenu Support-Group

re: In denial...

I think any kind of dieting is particularly difficult this time of year. I remember reading that research verified my suspicion that we try to "fatten up" to withstand the cold of winter.

My husband was in denial for years, because he felt pretty good, in spite of the fact that he often seemed cranky. He had a stroke a year ago last January and will never be able to go for a walk or play tennis again. The neurologist attributed his stroke to uncontrolled diabetes. There were little signs ahead of them--loss of equilibrium mainly, but the episodes passed, and we thought he had had an inner ear infection or something that healed by itself--then came the whammy of the stroke! Now he is perfectly willing to eat what I serve him, and his disposition has been like a lamb ever since we have been watching his diet and he has been taking the medication the doctor ordered.

You might not be perfect at watching your diet, etc., but any effort you are able to muster will help down the road. We all have times when we "mess up", but it is really worth it to give it your best effort!

Jean in AZ


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