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GlucoMenu® Newsletter August 31 - September 6, 2009

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GlucoMenu® Denver Scramble Pita

Recipe Ingredients:
1/4 cup egg substitute
1/2 cup bell pepper, diced
1/3 cup red onion, diced
1/2 oz. low sodium baked lean ham, diced
1/2 oz. low sodium mozzarella
1/2 whole wheat pita pocket

Recipe Directions:
1.  Heat non-stick skillet.
2.  Pour in egg substitute.  Turn with spatula to ensure eggs do not stick.
3.  Add peppers, onion, ham, and cheese.  Turn until eggs are done.
4.  Spoon egg scramble into pita half.
5.  Serve immediately.
6.  Makes 1 serving.

Nutrition Facts per serving:
Calories: 213,  Carbohydrate: 22 g,  Fiber: 5 g,  Fat: 6 g,  Protein: 19 g,  Sodium: 408 mg

E-mails to Christine:

What is the difference between sugar and sugar alcohols?

Featured Article:  Know your blood sugar numbers!

Checking blood sugar is the best way to know how well you are managing diabetes.  Regular blood sugar checks are vital to making decisions for treating diabetes...

Why should I check my blood sugar?

Featured Diabetes Book:  "Your First Year with Diabetes"

We recently read "Your First Year with Diabetes" and found it to be a very helpful and easy to read guide.  The author, Theresa Garnero, is a Certified Diabetes Educator and Registered Nurse.  Theresa has over 20 years experience as a nurse having cared for people with diabetes in most situations.  She is a tireless champion of diabetes education causes and is always looking for innovative approaches to help the diabetes community.

Visit Theresa Garnero's website

Tip of the Week:

People with diabetes should check their feet everyday.  Nerve complications can lead to numbness in the feet and may leave you unaware of injury or infection.  Follow these steps to keep feet healthy.
  • Check for cuts, abrasions, corns, etc. daily.
  • Look for cold or warm areas on your feet which may indicate poor circulation or infection.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that do not cause blistering or calluses.
  • Test water temperature prior to stepping into the tub to avoid burns.
  • Ask your doctor to check your feet at visits.
  • Never go outside without shoes on.

Monitor blood sugar as recommended by your doctor and check your feet each day as a part of staying in good health.

GlucoMenu® Support Group:

In this issue:
1. Bread
2. Metformin & Synthroid
3. Pre-Diabetes weight loss
4. Pre-Diabetes Neuropathy (2 responses)
5. Blood sugar instability and doctor problems

Exercise Tip:

Joining an exercise class can help keep you motivated and consistent with your workouts because they are offered at set times.  Make sure the difficulty level meets your fitness ability and determine if the instructor is certified to teach exercise classes.  Exercise should always include a warm up, heart rate monitoring, and a cool down period with stretching.

Food Picker:

  Several cereals were recently added to Food Picker!
General Mills Total
Kelloggs Corn Flakes
Quaker Instant Oatmeal Maple & Brown Sugar
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars Peanut Butter
[More cereal...]

GlucoMenu® Food Picker v2.0 for Diabetics


I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your menus.  In the one week I've used the menu, my sugar readings have come down and I've lost 2 pounds.  I have a doctor appt. on Wednesday and I'm sure she will be very happy when I show her my log with all the good foods I'm eating along with the great numbers I have now.  Your site is just what I needed.  Thanks so much.

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