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Latest Diabetes Statistics

The National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) provides statistics on diabetes.  The most recent statistics show the following:

How many people have diabetes?

17 million people have diabetes.  This equates to about 6.2% of the population.  11.1 million are diagnosed while 5.9 million people do not know they have diabetes. 

How many people are diagnosed with diabetes each year? 

One million people over the age of 20 are diagnosed with diabetes each year.

How is diabetes treated among adults?

11% take insulin and oral medications

22% take insulin only

49% take oral medications only

17% do not take medications

How can diabetes complications be avoided?

Glucose control - for every percentage point decrease (ie:  8% to 7%) in A1c blood test, risk for eye, kidney, or nerve complications are reduced by 40%

Eye care - detection and treatment of eye complications can reduce severe vision loss by ~50-60%

Foot care - foot care checks/programs can reduce amputations by 45-85%

Kidney care - detection & treatment of kidney complications can reduce risk of kidney failure by 30-70%

How much does diabetes cost in the United States? 

A total of $132 billion/year is spent on diabetes in the U.S.  Direct medical costs are $91.8 billion/year.  Indirect costs (such as work loss, disability, etc.) are $40.2 billion/year.

NIH Publication No.  03-3892. 

Notes - Speak with your doctor about treatment and prevention of complications for diabetes.

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