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    I really depend on the menus, for being diabetic is new to me
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    Ohio Diabetes Education & Classes:

    Location:  2322 East 22nd St Cleveland, OH 44115
    Details:  Learn about blood glucose monnitoring, meal planning, diabetes medications, physical activity, managing and preventing diabetes complications and adjusting to life with diabetes. Please check with insurance for coverage of diabetes education (reference billing code: G0109). The classes provide 6 hours of education taught by and RN CDE and an RD CDE.
    Registration:  call 216.241.6201

    Location:  Community Memorial Hospital, Hicksville OH
    Details:  The CMH Diabetes Education Program has been developed to equip you to manage your diabetes through diet, exercise, medication and blood glucose monitoring. Classes are open to both Type 1 and Type 2 patients. Our ADA recognized program is covered under many insurance plans.
    Registration:  Call 419-542-5565 to register

    Location:  LMPC Diabetic Center at the Medical Park
    Details:  Four sessions of self management diabetes education offered. Appointments are offered daily Monday thru Friday covering diabetes basics, carb counting, medications, exercise, pump training and continuous glucose monitoring, gestational diabetes, and pediatric needs.
    Registration:  Call 419-998-4699 for appointment.

    Location:  Holzer Medical Center
    Details:  Nurse, Dietitian, Pharmacist
    Registration:  First night of class

    Location:  1581 Dodd Drive 491 McCampbell Hall Columbus, OH 43210
    Details:  Varies Nutrition Education Diabetes Education New Technology/Insulin Pump/Glucose Sensors
    Registration:  Call 614-292-3800 Payment expected at time of service

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